Cinnamon Roll Sore Muscle Body Scrub

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Cinnamon Roll Sore Muscle Body Scrub - Bellissima Bain

Cinnamon Roll Body Scrub warming body scrub aides with inflammation and sore-achy muscles.

I use this frequently after a hard workout...the following few days I tend to be sore and walk like Frankenstein. I grab this scrub and massage into my sore-tired muscles, leave on for a minute or two and let it do its thing.

It can get a little warm especially if you have sensitive skin and/or fresh cuts and/or shaven area.
(do not use internally and/or in personal intimate areas & not edible).

Be careful when using this particular scrub as it may affect people differently due to skin sensitivities. Do not leave on for too long.

Ingredients: raw sugar, cane sugar, epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, brown sugar, cinnamon, colavita premium Mediterranean olive oil, vitamin e, fragrance

Directions: Scoop a handful or two in apply in a circular motion and massage onto dampen skin. Leave on for a minute then rinse. Do not leave on too long.

Do not shave before using this scrub as it may/may not irritate your freshly shaved areas.

Do not use on open cuts and/or sores.

NOT recommended for your face.

This product contains natural oils and can be slippery if using in bath-shower.

Use products within 60 days to reap the benefits of ingredients.

net wt. 8 oz

**this item is NOT edible

All sales ARE FINAL. Bellissima Bain does not accept any returns or give refunds due to the custom order of bath, body and beauty products.

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