About Me

Ciao Bellas!
Je suis Arlene M. Singh. I am the owner-creator of Bellissima Bain. I originally started this company by accident. While going through a battle with cancer I discovered how awful my usual bath and body products started making my skin feel and look due to all of my cancer medications. My daily product routines no longer worked on my skin. I spent hours and days coming up with my own bath & body creations to soothe, cleanse and make me feel feminine again. I immediately noticed that my skin was reaping all the benefits of my own creations. At one of my cancer support groups someone asked what perfume I was wearing because it smelled like their favorite cocktail (pina colada). I shared that it was my own creation and VIOLA!!! Bellissima Bain began.
What does Bellissima Bain mean? I am an Italian-French-American woman. I wanted my business to reflect me.
Bellissima (Italian)=Beautiful
Bain (French)=Bath
Beautiful Bath = Bellissima Bain
You will always see that I love to incorporate Italian & French phrases into my work, writings, products and postings.
All of my products are inspired by sweet treats & desserts along with cocktails. I love a good dessert table mixed with happy hour. All of my products are custom made fresh with luxe ingredients for each box, product, person and/or event. My products contain NO ALCOHOL, but may have the "essence" of them. 
Bellissima Bain * Arlene Marie Creatives